Honda Activa 5g Features And More

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced a 360-degree advertisement campaign’Love is Growing’ to Activa 5G, highlighting all its attributes. Produced by Dentsu One, the TVC is now on air across all popular channels.

Honda has launched the fifth generation’Activa 5G’, which has a new deluxe version (using digital-analogue meter, ECO speed indicator and support since index ), industry-first attributes in 110cc segment (total LED headlamp and position lamp), next-generation looks, 2 new colors, added advantage (front hook, and 4-in-1 lock together with seat opening change, retractable back hook) and greater durability (metal muffler protector).

The campaign discusses how Activa isn’t only a two-wheeler but a emotion, love, which joins millions of Indians across age.

Giving an excess fun punch and psychological connect to the TVC is the narrative of Taapsee Pannu, daughter of faculty professor (Boman Irani) using a lot of comic spins.

Honda’s’Love is Rising’ TVC begins in a school campus. Pannu enters riding the new Activa 5G along with her father (Irani) because her pillion. A group of four youth stop to notice the scene. The first states’Ye to wahi hai yaar’ to which the second replies’lagti to bilkul alag hai yaar’ to which the next buddy adds”Bright like sunshine”. The first impression is that students are infatuated with all the pretty girl riding the scooter. But as the scooter draws nearer, it is realised that the object of their fancy is that the new Activa 5G.One of the buddies has all eyes for the woman and says”Tu 5G Dekh, Mujhe into apna future dikh raha hai.” The strict professor dad (Irani) hearing that this asks the boy to emerge within the building. A voiceover in the background introduces the scooter as’Agaya hai naya Activa 5G. Curiosity badegi, batein badhengi, aur pyaar toh badhega hi.’

After Pannu yields, she asks the boy what he had been saying in the foreseeable future. But once again, before he could reply, the professor returns. On the way back, Irani rides on the Activa 5G. Meanwhile, the fresh love is growing as Pannu looks back and smiles at the boy.

Activa has changed to meet the evolving demands of each generation over the years. The new fifth production Activa 5G, while remaining true to its heritage of confidence, innovation, quality, reliability and ease; looks and rides entirely different giving young India the more reason to fall in love with it. The brand new’Love is Growing’ campaign observes that not only is your Love for Activa is climbing however love is growing in real life too.”

It has witnessed several centuries. As we were briefed concerning the fifth generation version of this remarkably common brandwe thought let’s showcase how this love is growing. The movie is a tiny chapter in this romance, which occurs in a University, involving one of those students and the professor’s kid. It was great working together with Boman Irani. Taapsee adds a new flavour into the brand. We expect the film builds up on the love the newest already appreciates across the nation.”

Abhinav Kaushik, Senior Vice-President, Account Management, Dentsu One, stated,”Activa is now an inseparable portion of Indian families since its launch 17 decades ago. So many things have changed in this period but the affection and love for Activa has only escalated and grown through the years. With this growing love across several generations, it was the ideal time to launch Activa 5G with a unique effort where the new becomes the harbinger or catalyst to get two people to fall in love with one another.”

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