Honda Activa 3g Mileage, Engine Specs

Together with the enhanced and strong fresh HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, Honda Activa 3G provides an affordable mileage. Honda Eco Technology reduces friction between mating portions of the scooter, so thus boosting the mileage manifold. It makes certain you appreciate more about bites with friends and family instead of on gasoline. Furthermore, together with the increasing prices of gas in India, mileage has come to be one of the most crucial deciding factors if to get it or not. Honda strove to offer the very best mileage by employing innovative development in engineering. Activa 3G’s gasoline engine provides a promising mileage of 61 km/litre in lab conditions. On the street, the gas efficiency is significantly decreased to 55 km/litre however, you can readily receive a mileage of more than 40 km/litre if or where you would like.

Honda Activa 3g Mileage

Honda Activa series’ scooters are dominating the predominate because last 16 decades. It had been established in 2000 at India and till today, Honda Activa 3G scooters are widely popular amongst kids and grownups alike. All new Honda Activa have observed significant changes such as button start, enhanced and strong new HET motor and a whole lot more. The energetic body layout will give you”Activah!” . The easy design was created to target the developed riders and buyers.That’s the reason why Japanese producer didn’t play with the initial layout of this Activa. Recently, Honda Activa scooters can be found in three versions: Activa 4G, Activa 125 along with Activa that I .

Honda Activa 3g Engine Specs

Honda Activa 3G is the next generation Activa. Honda has kept the very first generation engine using some small alterations. Honda Activa flaunts 109.2 cc tubing capacity because of the own engine. Even the 4-stroke SI engine includes atmosphere cooling system which increases the attractiveness of the engine. The highest net power of this motor is currently 5.83kW (8BHP) in 7500 revolutions per second. The best net torque of this motor is currently 8.83 Nm at 5500 revolutions per second. Honda has set up Viscous Paper Filter since the air filter to the motor. The higher compression ratio of 9.5:1 enriches the gas efficiency of this motor. Bore, the width of the motor at a layman’s terminology, is 50 mm and the stroke of Activa 3G is motor is currently 55.6 mm.

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