Last November the American people sold their freedom for free stuff and traded their birthright for trinkets. The”messiah” stood before the unknowing masses and with lies and deception promised the people he would care for them, that while others sought to oppress them, he like Moses would lead the downtrodden to the promised land.

 With the self-assured manner of  a snake-oil salesman promising to cure all ills with his magic tonic, Barack Hussein Obama gave the people what they wanted…hope! But the hope he gave them was not based in reality, but on lies and deception, on a promise he wouldn’t keep  any more than the last promise he made, or the promises that were yet to be made.

 As his followers hung on his every word with tears in their eyes, they were blinded to the truth, that the way “forward” would be into a land filled with darkness as the transformation of America started to take shape, and the betrayal by the “savior” began.

 From the very beginning Barack Obama’s past has troubled many, and his close association with subversives like Bill Ayers and fanatics like Louis Farrakhan should have been a warning that this was a  man who intended on destroying the American way of life, that his own dream was not of democracy but as a dictatorship, a land not of freedom but of oppression ruled under sharia law.

While this may seem to be paranoia, there can be little doubt Barack Obama’s actions are indeed troubling, and so are those of his administration. Why else would a man like John Kerry  so suddenly be attracted to a theocratic ideology like Islam if the Islamization of America not be in the works. 

It was Obama that demanded Hosni Mubarak invite the Muslim Brotherhood to attend his speech in Cairo, and it was Samantha Power, the head of his security council that met with the Brotherhood the year before the fall of Mubarak. Again it was Samantha Power’s idea to use “The Responsibility To Protect Act” to invade Libya, something developed by Power herself and helped along with the assistance of another enemy of America..George Soros.

Now we’ve learned there have been over 400 visits to the White House by radical Islamic organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood front groups CAIR, ISNA and the notorious Muslim Student Association. Organizations with ties to Hamas and al-Qaeda, and which have openly stated their intent to make Islam the dominant religion in America, and ruled by sharia law.

America must understand who they are dealing with, and what the future holds. In Texas students are made to wear burqas, say the pledge of allegiance in Arabic and now the executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, Mustafa Carroll, who recently said Muslims are above the law of the land.

While liberals believe they can co-exist with Muslims such as Mustafa they continue to berate the tea-party and claim they are the real danger to America. Janet Napolitano has said those on the right were a greater threat to national security than al-Qaeda, yet she allows known terrorist organizations such as the Muslims of America to train for jihad here on American soil….the question is why?

Also troubling is the fact that Barack Hussein Obama said there must be a civilian army as strong as our military, especially in the light of Homeland security and other government agencies buying up ammunition at an alarming rate, ammunition I might add that is against the guidelines set up by the Geneva Convention, such as hollow point bullets.

National leaders throughout the world are catering to Muslim demands, and even the major banks have become sharia compliant. The Muslims have grown so strong that in countries such as France and Britain police cannot even go into Islamic communities, they govern themselves. Even in our own nation, cities such as Dearborn Michigan are totally controlled by Muslims and Christians are jailed for speaking the truth.

We must also ask why training materials in the intelligence community were scrubbed of all references to anything that may be offensive to Muslims, including terms such as Islamic extremists, and that it was removed at the behest of radical Islamic organizations….again, we must ask why?

Though conservatives are condemned for saying there are Muslim Brotherhood members operating in the White House itself, Egyptian news agencies openly boast of this achievement.  Even many “conservatives” such John McCain, Lindsey Graham and even the “darling” of the Tea-Party Marco Rubio excoriated Michele Bachman and the others when they inquired into the security issue of Hillary’s top advisor, Huma Abedin.

Abedin’s father was a member of the Brotherhood, her mother a member of the Muslim Sisterhood and herself involved with the Muslim Students Association, and yet those entrusted with the security of this nation allow her access to America’s top secrets, and only a few seem to care.

Even as our own nation continues to dive into an economic collapse Barack Hussein Obama still manages to give Egypt money that we ourselves have to borrow. Islam’s newest adherent John Kerry, announced Sunday the anti-Semite put into office by Barack Obama, Mohamad Morsi will receive $250 million even as Morsi continues to persecute the Coptic Christians and calls for Muslims to retake Jerusalem.

Even as Islam rises in America the attacks on the Tea-Party have also increased. Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has come out accusing the Tea-Party of conspiracy, and claiming they are working to destroy the U.S. Government.

Charging they are committing acts of treason Reich said, “…the president should let the public see the tea partiers for who they are, a small radical minority intent on dismantling the government of the United States, As long as they are allowed to dictate the terms of public debate they will continue to hold the rest of us hostage to their extremism.”

The propaganda machine is in full swing, and the Islamists are close to achieving their goal of an Islamic America ruled under sharia law. Those in positions of power know what’s about to transpire, how else can one explain a man such as John Kerry so suddenly falling in love with Islam? 

The betrayal by America’s first black president may come as a shock to those who believed the lies, and thought he really cared for them. These “useful idiots” as Stalin called them dreamed of an Utopian Society where no one had to work for what they wanted, but they are about to awake only to find the dream was a nightmare, and they themselves are slaves to a god who loves only death.

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