Honda Activa CNG – Check all information

You’re conscious of Honda Activa CNG is arriving into the marketplace. Honda Activa CNG Model — India’s 1st CNG two Wheeler started with Typical 1kg CNG 95 kilometers pl. It Looks just like Honda Activa CNG will strike the skies in India. Honda CNG Activa Price at India isn’t corrected yet. Honda Activa prevalence is rising day by day. Activa CNG Scooter is simple to push for every everyoneelse. After desirable outcome, Honda CNG Activa is going to soon be launched in around India. One may get CNG Kit from accredited provider by the Authorities. Let us understand what about Honda Activa CNG in particulars.

Update In Honda CNG Activa:

  1. Honda Activa 125
  2. Honda Dio 110
  3. Hero Duet 110
  4. Hero Pleasure 110
  5. Hero Maestro 110
  6. TVS Jupiter 110
  7. TVS Scooty Zest 110
  8. TVS Wego 110
  9. Mahindra Duro DZ 125
  10. Mahindra Gusto 110
  11. Vespa VX 125
  12. Yamaha Ray 110
  13. Yamaha Alpha 110
  14. Yamaha Fascino 110

New CNG Kit has been already established in Mumbai. CNG Kit may also be fitted at additional gearless scooters at India. You simply to discover CNG Kit provider. That is it Delhi government has resisted the prohibited on retrofitting CNG Kits.Additional gearless scooters at which you’ll be able to match CNG Kit is appropriate under. Take a look.

Honda Activa CNG Price

The cost of all Honda CNG Activa will probably be INR 14,500. However, please be noticed that the government has introduced CNG fitted Activa just, therefore that the Honda Activa Showroom Price + CNG Kit Cost is going to be the entire price of all CNG Activa. Honda Activa CNG Price nevertheless succeeds. This will probably be reached from Pune from Iranian CNG kit maker and will be accepted by ARAI. Since CNG Honda Activa Price isn’t fixed, we could anticipate the cost approximately INR 75,000. It’ll be available just as a aftermarket fitment. The CNG kits are accepted by the authorities and accredited from ARAI (Automotive Research Authority of India).

Mileage of CNG Honda Activa

The Honda CNG Activa Kits include two liter each of 1 cm. While the entire selection of CNG Honda Activa is 120 kilometers. It’s been estimated that the conducting cost in gas scooters is currently Rs. 1.3 per kilometers in Delhi. While CNG prices just 60 — 65 paise per km)

Honda Activa I Features, engine and more

Honda Activa I was fabricated maintaining the superb mileage in your mind. It’s less costly than other versions of Honda Activa. Moreover, it’s much lighter than its partners. Though, Activa I’ve not seen many modifications in the first version of Activa, however, the layout was slightly changed it provides a minor feminist touch into the gearless scooter. Regardless of Honda’s assert that Activa I’m a unisex scooter, so we can’t completely concur with their claim. Considering that Honda Activa is the most recent version of Honda Activa show, along with the brand has its own reliability, Honda Activa I am revenue has been updated since its launching. Honda Activa I’ve managed to acquire the confidence of its clients such as other versions have done it previously.

Honda Activa I Colours

Honda Activa I’m totally rich concerning color variations. Honda has opted to replicate these color variations into sections namely conventional version and deluxe version. The conventional variant includes colors like pearl trance yellowish, candy shades blue, pearl beautiful white and black. Pearl lovely white and conventional black colors can be found in different versions too but the yellowish and shades blue are all fresh for any Honda Activa version.Along with the deluxe version incorporates royal crimson metallic, pearl beautiful white and black purple metallic. The royal crimson metallic is exactly the identical red colour that’s offered at Honda Activa 125 version. However, the pearl lovely white color of this Deluxe version differs from other people. The foot mat foundation was colored purple while the entire body is retained white. This deluxe version may be an appealing layout to the feminine riders.

Honda Activa I Mileage

The only real goal of Honda Activa I will be to provide the greatest possible mileage. The mileage this newest version of Honda Activa string provides is whooping 66 kilometers. This suggests in one litre of gasoline (gas ), Honda Activa can operate a space of 66 km) Moreover, Honda Activa I’ve HET (Honda Eco Technology)that the mileage has been raised to a fantastic extent. Honda Eco Technology reduces friction between mating portions of the scooter. That’s exactly why Honda Activa I was in a position to provide such a exceptional mileage compared to its contenders.

Honda Activa 125 Full Information In Details

Following the huge success of Honda Activa 3G, Honda Activa 125 lasted this achievement stage for Japanese producer Honda. Because of Honda Activa 125, Honda Activa chain scooter spread its wings one of the riders who desired a greater cc engine.

With a design that is robust, Honda Activa includes 125 cc engineoptimization. 125 cc motor is in its heart and it includes a 3D logo, metal frame, electronic meter along with telescopic suspension. Even after with loaded attributes, Honda adopts its new HET (Honda Eco Technology) to provide the greatest possible mileage using 125 cc engineoptimization.

The Honda has maintained the design easy for its riders that were matured. Initial layout hasn’t been considerably changed in Honda Activa 125. Recently, Honda Activa scooters can be found in three versions: Activa 4G, Activa 3g, 125 along with Activa I.

Honda Activa 125 Engine Specs

Honda Activa 125 includes 4 stroke air cooled engine. The four stroke engine is currently SI engineoptimization. In SI motor, the fuel may be employed to initiate the motor by simply a spark. The displacement of this motor is 124.9 cc or people could declare Honda Activa has 124.99 cc engineoptimization. The more the compression ratio, the more will be that the fuel efficiency of this motor. Honda Activa’s 125 version consists of 57.9 millimeter stroke and bore of 52.4 mm. The engine is the width of the engine. Maximum net energy of the Honda Activa 125 is currently 6.38 kW (8.60 bhp) at 6500 revolutions per second from the lab condition. Honda in their official site has stated that greatest net torque this version of Honda Activa will encounter is 10.12 Nm at 5000 revolutions per second. The motor of Honda Activa 125 is a bit superior compared to Honda Activa 3G.

Honda Activa 125 Gas Tank

Gas tank capability for Honda Activa 125 version is 5.3 litres that’s ample if you’re using for everyday intent. The gas tank holds adequate gas inside which you can readily travel a very long distance. Whether or not you wish to visit some other city or see your buddies living on the outskirts of town, simply fill out the gas tank of Honda Activa 125 into the entire and traveling without any anxiety about draining the gas tank. The massive fuel tank has forced its passengers to rely upon it without any feeling.

Honda Activa 3g Mileage, Engine Specs

Together with the enhanced and strong fresh HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine, Honda Activa 3G provides an affordable mileage. Honda Eco Technology reduces friction between mating portions of the scooter, so thus boosting the mileage manifold. It makes certain you appreciate more about bites with friends and family instead of on gasoline. Furthermore, together with the increasing prices of gas in India, mileage has come to be one of the most crucial deciding factors if to get it or not. Honda strove to offer the very best mileage by employing innovative development in engineering. Activa 3G’s gasoline engine provides a promising mileage of 61 km/litre in lab conditions. On the street, the gas efficiency is significantly decreased to 55 km/litre however, you can readily receive a mileage of more than 40 km/litre if or where you would like.

Honda Activa 3g Mileage

Honda Activa series’ scooters are dominating the predominate because last 16 decades. It had been established in 2000 at India and till today, Honda Activa 3G scooters are widely popular amongst kids and grownups alike. All new Honda Activa have observed significant changes such as button start, enhanced and strong new HET motor and a whole lot more. The energetic body layout will give you”Activah!” . The easy design was created to target the developed riders and buyers.That’s the reason why Japanese producer didn’t play with the initial layout of this Activa. Recently, Honda Activa scooters can be found in three versions: Activa 4G, Activa 125 along with Activa that I .

Honda Activa 3g Engine Specs

Honda Activa 3G is the next generation Activa. Honda has kept the very first generation engine using some small alterations. Honda Activa flaunts 109.2 cc tubing capacity because of the own engine. Even the 4-stroke SI engine includes atmosphere cooling system which increases the attractiveness of the engine. The highest net power of this motor is currently 5.83kW (8BHP) in 7500 revolutions per second. The best net torque of this motor is currently 8.83 Nm at 5500 revolutions per second. Honda has set up Viscous Paper Filter since the air filter to the motor. The higher compression ratio of 9.5:1 enriches the gas efficiency of this motor. Bore, the width of the motor at a layman’s terminology, is 50 mm and the stroke of Activa 3G is motor is currently 55.6 mm.

Honda Activa 5g Features And More

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. has now introduced a 360-degree advertisement campaign’Love is Growing’ to Activa 5G, highlighting all its attributes. Produced by Dentsu One, the TVC is now on air across all popular channels.

Honda has launched the fifth generation’Activa 5G’, which has a new deluxe version (using digital-analogue meter, ECO speed indicator and support since index ), industry-first attributes in 110cc segment (total LED headlamp and position lamp), next-generation looks, 2 new colors, added advantage (front hook, and 4-in-1 lock together with seat opening change, retractable back hook) and greater durability (metal muffler protector).

The campaign discusses how Activa isn’t only a two-wheeler but a emotion, love, which joins millions of Indians across age.

Giving an excess fun punch and psychological connect to the TVC is the narrative of Taapsee Pannu, daughter of faculty professor (Boman Irani) using a lot of comic spins.

Honda’s’Love is Rising’ TVC begins in a school campus. Pannu enters riding the new Activa 5G along with her father (Irani) because her pillion. A group of four youth stop to notice the scene. The first states’Ye to wahi hai yaar’ to which the second replies’lagti to bilkul alag hai yaar’ to which the next buddy adds”Bright like sunshine”. The first impression is that students are infatuated with all the pretty girl riding the scooter. But as the scooter draws nearer, it is realised that the object of their fancy is that the new Activa 5G.One of the buddies has all eyes for the woman and says”Tu 5G Dekh, Mujhe into apna future dikh raha hai.” The strict professor dad (Irani) hearing that this asks the boy to emerge within the building. A voiceover in the background introduces the scooter as’Agaya hai naya Activa 5G. Curiosity badegi, batein badhengi, aur pyaar toh badhega hi.’

After Pannu yields, she asks the boy what he had been saying in the foreseeable future. But once again, before he could reply, the professor returns. On the way back, Irani rides on the Activa 5G. Meanwhile, the fresh love is growing as Pannu looks back and smiles at the boy.

Activa has changed to meet the evolving demands of each generation over the years. The new fifth production Activa 5G, while remaining true to its heritage of confidence, innovation, quality, reliability and ease; looks and rides entirely different giving young India the more reason to fall in love with it. The brand new’Love is Growing’ campaign observes that not only is your Love for Activa is climbing however love is growing in real life too.”

It has witnessed several centuries. As we were briefed concerning the fifth generation version of this remarkably common brandwe thought let’s showcase how this love is growing. The movie is a tiny chapter in this romance, which occurs in a University, involving one of those students and the professor’s kid. It was great working together with Boman Irani. Taapsee adds a new flavour into the brand. We expect the film builds up on the love the newest already appreciates across the nation.”

Abhinav Kaushik, Senior Vice-President, Account Management, Dentsu One, stated,”Activa is now an inseparable portion of Indian families since its launch 17 decades ago. So many things have changed in this period but the affection and love for Activa has only escalated and grown through the years. With this growing love across several generations, it was the ideal time to launch Activa 5G with a unique effort where the new becomes the harbinger or catalyst to get two people to fall in love with one another.”

Honda Activa 4g Features And More

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has lately established Honda Activa 4G scooter 2018 using the newest BSIV Engine and Automatic Headlamp On (AHO) compliance. Honda Activa 4G 2018 is powered by 109 CC Honda Eco Technology (HET) Engine.Honda Activa 4GWith that the significant 4th Generation Upgrade, Honda Activa understands the all-new arrangement cover layout with fresh color shades schemes such as Matte Axis Grey Metallic along with Matt Selene Silver Metallic. 2018 Honda Activa 4G includes all the front hook and portable charging socket.Honda Activa 4G is priced at Rs 50,730 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Activa 4G is the next launching of HMSI’s in India this season following New Generation Honda Activa 125 introduced a month. Honda Activa 4G is going to make a mark in 2018 by providing a fashionable appearance and greater performance using a much better mileage.

Honda Activa 4G Features

2019 Activa 4G engine is capable of yelling 8 bhp at 7500 rpm.

The fundamental layout of Activa 4G stays quite much like the former version but it comes with a much better style together with the additional new capabilities. Front apron style of this fourth generation version been revised so it attracts the sharper personality using lines. Honda Activa 4G also will come with the fashionable and secure cellphone charging socket. Honda Activa 4G may have broader features like tubeless tyres and large under seat storage area so it could automatically boost the most effective comfy riding position.

The scooter is acceptable for a lengthy ride with comfy chairs. Make the simplest and fashionable ride using the newest version of Honda Activa. Honda Activa 4G armed with Combi Brake System (CBS) across the Equalizer technologies so it’s fairly convenient or appreciating the secure and safe ride in a complete manner.

Here you are able to observe the detail regarding size and sort of Honda Activa 4g tyre. As shown under Honda Activa 4g front rear dimension is 90/100 like a back tyre. New Activa 4g includes tubeless tyres however you can put in with tubing tyre for a firm like Ceat are promoting both online. Even though Activa 4g is brand new gen scooter, then you might not receive the radial tyre within it.